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This is a letter of compliments and gratitude.

My mother, Irma North moved into Mountain Glen about 4 years ago. As you know she was fiercely independent and opinionated. The change to moving into an apartment at Mountain Glen was huge for a professional woman who singlehandedly put her 2 daughters through graduate school/med school and was able to pay her own way through her entire life.

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Deborah, Daughter of Resident
Our Mom has been at Mt Glen in assisted living for six months and is now starting hospice care due to changes in her medical condition. The aides and nursing staff continue to provide excellent care and treat Mom with dignity and affection, in spite of difficult medical and behavioral issues. The admission, administration and billing staff have worked well with us, even with our unexpected timing issues in getting Mom moved here from Boise.

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I am very content and happy here. The food is delicious and to my liking. I enjoy the activities and am happy to be living at Mt. Glen.
Pat Bromels, Resident

Sandy Curtis, Resident
I moved into an apartment in Mountain Glen Retirement Community in December of 2009. Moving from a house in Big Lake, I was not sure how I would like it. After the years of living at Mountain Glen I can say that I have been very pleased.

The staff has been wonderful; Janice and Christie have been especially helpful. When I had a problem several months ago, Christie took time from her busy day to resolve if for me. The dining room staff and the housekeeping people are always pleasant and helpful.

Since I gave up my driver’s license several months ago, I have relied on the transportation that Mountain Glen has furnished. With the help of Brent and the other drivers, I have not missed any appointments in the Mount Vernon area.

I play bridge two times a week with very nice people. Joe Murray, my table mate in the dining room, is an interesting fellow and a very pleasant person to sit with three times a day. On a scale of poor to excellent, I would rate Mountain Glen as excellent in all categories.

Don Bakken, Resident

After falling and spending over two months in a nursing home, my mom moved into Mountain Glen’s Assisted Living and just blossomed. Her improvement in health and happiness made it possible for her to move to a Mountain Glen Retirement Living apartment after only six weeks. The staff was so good about being flexible and meeting mom’s individual needs–one of the great perks of Mountain Glen’s private ownership. I can’t say enough good about her new home.

Kim Ray, Daughter of Resident

When Clara and I moved to Retirement Living at Mountain Glen, nine years ago, we were surprised to discover that our total living budget changed very little. With no taxes to pay, no utilities, car expenses, or home upkeep, we saved a lot. At Mountain Glen there is a feeling of home without the worries. When we moved from Retirement Living to Assisted Living we hardly noticed the change except for a lot more personal care. It’s better to make the change a year too early than a year too late.

Willard and Clara E. Hansen, Residents

My sister has been a resident at Mountain Glen for over 9 years. I visit her often and find the staff, administration, and nursing care to be both professional and impeccable in the care they provide for my sister. The meals are also outstanding, nourishing and wholesome.

Royal E. Post, Brother and Care Supervisor of Resident

When I decided to move from my apartment I asked my family to visit local retirement homes with me. We all agreed that Mountain Glen was the best for me. The staff and fellow residents have made me feel most welcome. The various activities, games, and great food make life really great. I am able to maintain my independence but have made good new friends to share my life with.

Mary Linnell, Resident

It was a comfort to us to see the level of care she received.

Thank you Mountain Glen.

Shirley Lee · Bob Iversen, Relative of Resident
Our mother, Anne Iversen, called Mountain Glen home for 5 years. She had health issues when she arrived, but with the excellent care she received, she was soon back on her feet. She was very happy with her new home and never had a complaint. We felt lucky that she had for the most part, the same aids and caring staff all those years.

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