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April 2016 fit Calendar / Activity Calendar

Goal to encourage everyone to have at least 1.2 liters a day. Also to consider the health benefits of water intake avoiding high sugar drinks especially in between meals.

Hydration Facts
The body uses water to:

  • To transport water-soluble nutrients to organs around the body.
  • To transport toxins and waste products out of the body via urine.
  • To send electrical messages between cells- for example, to allow organs to function, muscles to contract and relax, and eyes to focus on images.
  • To control our body temperature and digest food.
  • The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently; dehydration slows down the fat burning process.
  • Water helps maintain muscle tone by assisting muscles with their ability to contract, and it lubricates your joints. Proper hydration can help reduce muscle soreness when exercising.
  • Drinking water with a meal may make you feel fuller sooner and than satisfied with eating less.